Antonio Citterio

“To be in the times and to last over time”.

The designer with discreet but unshakable style,
has created a modern identity for timeless utensils.


For the Artusi 2.0 line, the iconic architect and designer analysed the production contexts, cutting-edge processes, and materials. He devised a discreet approach that would make it possible to solve, as a designer, the problems of creating a system and not a series of items with different shapes, dimensions and above all, materials, according to different types of food preparation and cooking.

The research went on for over a year.

The finished products were the result of a business culture as well as of the rules laid down by Pellegrino Artusi for the so-called “home cooking”. Normality and creativity, applied to everyday use.

Pots, pans, baking trays, frying pans and handles were developed over a long series of meetings that served to define details, including thickness, rims, and finishes between different materials. This was all to achieve the aim of “normal”, “confident” products, as if they had always existed and at the same time, were the result of knowhow and expertise in the technical, scientific and even regulatory field.

This is where we see the mark of the designer: the ability to turn a normal thing such as cooking and eating into something beautiful, useful and functional, without bringing new complexities into the mix.

Proceeding by expression and through synthesis. The ARTUSI 2.0 is part of this way of working: being in the time and lasting through time, regardless of changes in taste.